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Question: How can I get help with an issue?

Answer: Check with your up-line first. If they are not able to assist you please send an e mail to the support team. Once we receive your concern through our tracking system we will reply back within 24 hours.

Question: I have not received my Dominoes, what do I do?

Answer: Normal delivery time on all shipments is 6 to 8 weeks. Our High End Dominoes are specially made and may take up to 90 days. Our goal is to have all orders delivered in a time frame of 2 weeks which would be based on the number we have available in our warehouse. Please do not submit a support request if you have not waited at least 8 weeks from your start date with Big 6 Star Players.

Question: Can I change my personal information?

Answer: Login in to your back office click on Edit; you can change your info there.

Question: Can I move sponsorship once I’m in the system?

Answer: No!!Due to the sensitive nature of our system, there is absolutely no moving allowed for any reason.

Question: Will we have business cards and other sales aids to help in promoting our business?

Answer: We are working on an entire line of professional marketing tools to help you in promoting your business opportunity. There will be a list of items such as business cards, postcards etc.

Question: Is there a flash presentation for the website that explains the business opportunity?

Answer: We will have an awesome PowerPoint presentation that is designed to show you how our business works

Question: Are we worldwide, can you ship overseas?

Answer: We currently are operating within the U.S. Our goal is to open up this market in other countries, but not just yet.