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Hello and Welcome to BIG 6TM STAR PLAYERS!

As a graduate from high school I was told to go to college, graduate so I could land a good job! What is a good job? What happens when you know longer working? Days of the Dinosaurs are gone. Work, working and workers with “NO ”residual income. Working years for one company has gotten old. The new age groups of baby boomers are fueling up for the future. The word is spreading like wildfire and BIG 6 STAR PLAYERS is right in the middle of it all. Dominoes are an obsession for some and a game to others. It’s the sport of dominoes that allow us to bring a world class team of domino players together. Do you or someone you know play dominoes? Do you think people would be interested in learning how to turn a game into a business and having fun? Getting paid weekly, monthly with residual income is everybody’s dream. That’s what happens when you combine the Hottest game on the planet with a unique compensation plan. You get paid!! Join today and sign up a friend.

Dominos Features

Welcome to the Big 6 Star Players Family where people are truly cared for. Get empowered so you can have great success. Our company believes in planning, hard work, transparency and communication through our online network marketing training. Our business is built primarily by word of mouth by a friend who tells a friend. We have a unique system that allows you to win on every level. We have five earned positions; Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum and Titanium. As a qualified Gold member the magic begins. You will receive your certification ID card which will allow you to register to play dominoes. You will be given a chance to win the “Top Gold” member of the year at our conferences. And the same for the other higher positions mentioned.

We love the game of dominos. It’s been around for centuries. Kings were known to play the game but the modern version we know started around the 18th century.

Now you see dominos almost everywhere you go. Some countries may use dominos as a way to keep the peace among their teens by keeping them occupied by counting the numbers.

Big 6 Star Players has given a lot of latitude in determining how to bridge the gap for domino players to come together on a common ground, by having fun making money and meeting other domino players.